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There are several ways that you can get involved. Each committee plays a valuable role in maintaining and growing  our organization. Volunteers can select a committee according to their interest, skill, and time commitment. Most committees would be comprised of 3-7 members unless otherwise specified and would not include members of the Executive Committee unless ex-officio. 

Executive Committee

A President, Vice President for Chair Issues, Vice President for Staff Issues, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected by members.

Constitution & By-Laws Committee

Responsible for updating any changes to the Constitution and By-Laws and disseminate updates to entire membership.

Negotiations Committee

Prepares for and negotiates contract renewals and updates.

Labor Management Committee

Composed of 3 Association members designated by the Association President and 3 non-member managerial personnel designated by the College  President. Responsible to meet at agreed upon dates to address issues of mutual concern.

Action Committee

Ad hoc committee created to encourage membership involvement.

Employment Standards Committee

Responsible for reviewing job descriptions, discrepancies, positions, grades, and/or duties.

Sick Bank Committee

Composed of 3 Association  members and 2 representatives of college administration. Responsible for managing and distributing time from the emergency sick leave bank, established to provide against the economic effects of a long-term disabling illness.

Insurance Committee

Responsible for review of proposed changes to insurance plans.

Audit Committee

Responsible for review of financial records within six months of close of fiscal year (8/31). Will attest to the fact that the union funds are being handled properly.

Grievance Committee

Responsible for assisting any member who believes they may have a grievance. Assists with grievance paperwork process and meeting required deadlines.

Voting Procedures Committee

Responsible for administering Association votes and voting procedures.

Other Ad Hoc Committees

Additional committees may be formed temporarily as needed.

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